Aerogeophysical Surveys

CJSC “Aerogeophysical Surveys”

Specialization: Electromagnetic prospecting and evaluation surveys on HC, solid minerals, water resources. Localization of potentially dangerous objects and processes. Solution of non-standard engineering tasks. Technological tasks of seismic surveys. Geophysical equipment production. Mathematical software.

Geophysical technologies:

  • Ground geophysics: MTS, TEM, IP, electromagnetic scanning (EM-HSDTD®): full cycle – from field works to construction of geological model of studied area
  • Airborne geophysics: TDEM, Mag, G-Ray with “Impulse-aero” helicopter exploration platforms, equipped with an EM channel of high ground penetration ability.
  • Integrated processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data, construction of geological model of oil, gas and ore deposits.
  • Geophysical equipment production

Production of electrical prospecting equipment “Impulse”-series in a small-scale

  • R&D in the field of innovative technologies: own design and engineering bureau, development of equipment and mathematical software.

 Intellectual property:

12 patents in Russia, Canada, Australia

3 software registration certificates

3 trademarks

The company has a quality control system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.

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