Presentation opportunities


Keynotes are setting themes for the plenary and technical sessions. Keynote talks are usually addressing general trends and changes that affect the development of mining and exploration industry.

Keynote example:  Presentation of trends and recent developments in the Russian mining and geological industry. Evgeny Kiselev, Deputy Minister – Head of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

Presentations at plenary sessions.

Plenary sessions are held in the main forum hall, which seats more than 500 participants. Sessions are usually held in the morning and last from 60 to 90 minutes. The topics are designed for the entire audience of the forum and, as a rule, include overviews of industry-wide issues, important changes, trends, as well as talks by CEO-s of leading mining and metallurgical companies. Presentation time is limited to 15-20 minutes. The Program Committee of the Forum welcomes polemical talks that stimulate the exchange of best practices and new ideas. Presentations proposed for plenary sessions should exclude advertising or marketing content.

Plenary talk example: Theme:  “Development Trends. 10 key trends in the mining sector in the coming year. ” Speaker: Igor Tokarev, Partner, Head of Mining Group, Deloitte

Presentations at technical sessions

Technical sessions are held in parallel flows in the halls which can individually accommodate up to 180 delegates. Sessions are usually held in the afternoon and last from 60 to 90 minutes. The topics are tailored for specific audience e.g. miners, geologists, financiers, human resource managers, ops managers, lawyers, etc. Technical sessions often include presentations of new technologies, trends in specific market segments, changes in the state regulation of subsoil use, financing or evaluation of projects, etc. The time for presentations is limited to 15-20 minutes. The program committee of the forum welcomes presentations of cases illustrating the introduction of innovative industry solutions and technologies at mining enterprises in Russia and overseas.  Use of advertising or marketing content without the reference to the practical implementation examples is not welcome.

Technical talk example: Theme: “Management of tailings storage facility at the Kupol mine: using the best available environmental techniques”. Speaker: Victor Silin, Environmental Manager, Kinross Gold Corporation 


In addition to traditional presentations, speakers can present their views by answering questions in the interview format. An interview can be organised either on stage with the presence of live audience (similar to TV debates) or in one-on-one private interview format. Both private and public interviews can be recorded on video and published on MINEX Forum YouTube channels in the open or restricted viewing formats.

Panel discussions

Thought provoking panel discussions will be held in the main conference hall and offer opportunities for sharing thoughts and ideas via moderator-led dialogue on the range of themes e.g. regulation, investment, business practices, etc.  Panel discussions last from 30 to 60 minutes.

Master classes

Companies interested in organising master classes or workshops during the Forum are invited to contact the organisers to do discuss opportunities and terms.

Associated events

Organising associated events allows companies to effectively combine their presence at the forum while simultaneously holding internal or corporate meetings. Companies interested in organising private events during the Forum are invited to contact organisers to discuss opportunities and terms.

Lunch business exchange

Companies or Individuals interested in sharing their ideas or projects with prospective clients, investors and peers will be able to host themed discussions at the interactive roundtables during lunch breaks.

MineTech – 2nd competition of technological challenges and solutions

MineTech competition is a novel way of winning new business and presenting innovative mining solutions in Russia. Within the framework of the competition, the local mining companies will provide technical cases and challenges to be solved by professional vendors and mining universities.

MineVenture – 1st mining project accelerator competition

The competition will provide a platform for the presentation of early stage and developing mining projects. A competent jury comprised of seasoned investors and financiers will evaluate the projects and offer suggestions for their accelerated implementation.