Finding the best possible technological solution for mine planning, construction, modernisation or closure is a complex task and often involves creative approach and analysis of alternative offers. Striving to achieve greater efficiency in innovative exchange and peer-to-peer engagement between the mining companies, vendors, and academia, for the second year in a row, the Forum will host MineTech competition of innovative solutions and technologies. The competition is open to inventors, technology companies and teams of Russian mining and polytechnic universities interested in presenting unique technologies and innovative solutions to improve mining productivity in Russia. At the jury’s discretion, winners can be offered a super challenge to implement proposed solutions at the local mining enterprises.

The Finnish company Mineral Exploration Network won the first MineTech Competition organised in 2017. The company proposed a solution for the challenge offered by Polymetal International. The innovative methodology of geochemical analysis, proposed by the Mineral Exploration Network (MEFFA), made the best impression on the jury. Igor Vasilyev, the company’s operating director, introduced the MEFFA’s method – multi-element analysis of the fine fraction.

For the first time, the competition will be open for students from mining and polytechnic universities.

Thematic sections of the competition

• Exploration

• Underground mining

• Ecology, waste treatment

• Enrichment

• Automation

• Energy efficiency

• Sustainable Development

• Innovation and Industry 4.0

• Geotechnology

• Industrial Safety

• Additive technologies

• Open mining operations


MineTech Business

Terms of participation in the MineTech Business part of the competition

All applications for participation in the competition must be sent no later than 1 September 2018

Who can present?

Mining consultants, engineers, software developers, equipment producers, technology companies, start-ups, inventors.

Competition Stages

The competition will be held in two formats: “From innovation to implementation” and “Challenges of subsoil users”.

“From innovation to implementation”

Contenders are invited to demonstrate innovative solutions and technologies. Winners will be determined by an independent jury and awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

“Mining Challenges “

Contenders are invited to present potential solutions for technological challenges prepared by the mining companies.

Participation in the competition is both a challenge and an opportunity. The development of non-standard solutions will undoubtedly take more time and resources than preparation of a standard corporate presentation. At the same time, contenders will have an opportunity to better understand the technical challenges that subsoil users have to deal with, and also increase the chance to attract new orders and customers.

Winners will be selected by a jury composed by the challenger and awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Participation terms

The cost of participation in the forum with the option of presentation at the MineTech Business part.

Presentation format Participation in the master-classes and Forum 2 – 4 October Participation in the Forum 3 – 4 October Gala dinner
4 October
Poster presentation
Presentation at MineTech Business competition $ 1030 USD $ 950 USD $ 130 USD $ 300 USD


MineTech University


Terms of participation in the MineTech University part of the competition

All applications for participation in the competition must be sent no later than 1 September 2018.

Who can present?

Students and post-graduate students of universities are invited to participate in the competition.

Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Competition stages

The first stage: individual project presentations

The jury will select the most interesting solutions for presentation at the competition. The winners will be determined by a jury consisting of representatives of leading companies and experts. Winners will be awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.

The second stage: team competitions

Before the start of the competition, the universities teams will be offered technical cases. The solutions proposed by the teams will be evaluated by specialists of the enterprises that presented the cases. Winning teams will be awarded diplomas and valuable prizes.

Invitation to partners

To competition partners

The organisers invite companies interested in solving production tasks to optimise production and support innovative activities in the mining sector.

For more information, please contact Forum organisers.

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