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  • ROSNEDRA – The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency
  • Mining Advisory Council
  • All-Russian Scientific-research Institution of Mineral Resources after named N.M. Fedorovsky
  • Union of Gold Producers of Russia

  • ROSNEDRA – The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency

    According to the current law, the Federal Agency on Subsoil Use has functions to render public services and manage state property in the field of subsoil use.

    In accordance with the Public declaration of the Federal Agency on Subsoil Use (Rosnedra) for 2017, the main tasks of Rosnedra are:

    • Arrangement of the state geological subsoil study and activities to replace the Russian mineral base:
      • Arrangement of the state geological subsoil study for the Russian Federation
      • Geological subsoil study to ensure Russian geopolitical interests in the Arctic zone, the Antarctic Regions and the World ocean
      • Replacement of hydrocarbons mineral base
      • Replacement of non-fuel minerals base
    • Organizational support of the state subsoil use licensing system.
    • Arrangement and expert examination of information on proved mineral reserves.
    • Review and coordination of project documentation for deposit exploitation.
    • Collection, storage and provision of geological information for use.


    Federal State Budgetary Institution «Central Research Institute of geological prospecting for base and precious metals» (FSBI “TsNIGRI”)

    129-1 Varshavskoye Shosse
    117545 Moscow, Russia
    Tel/fax: +7 495 313-18-18

    General Director: Dr. A.I. Ivanov

    FSBI “TsNIGRI” is subordinated to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation’s Federal Agency on Subsurface Use.

    Minerals: diamonds, gold, silver, platinum-group metals, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt.

    FSBI “TsNIGRI” offers its services for federal initiatives:

    • Russian mineral base: status and use
    • Global mineral markets. Use of best foreign practices
    • Program implementation in the Russian diamond, precious and base metal (DPBM) mineral base development and use
    • DPBM deposit forecasting, prospecting and evaluation methods, techniques and technologies
    • Introduction of innovative rock and ore composition study methods to prospecting activities
    • Forecasting/prospecting deposit models
    • Identification and validation of forecasting/mineragenic and prospecting work areas
    • Expert and methodical support of federal prospecting
    • Inferred resource expertise and approval
    • Geological and economic deposit evaluation
    FSBI “TsNIGRI” offers the following services to subsurface users:
    • Diamond, precious and base metal deposit forecasting, prospecting, evaluation and exploration
    • Technical and economic estimations of deposit development feasibility
    • Information and consulting services

    Mining Advisory Council

    The Mining Advisory Council (“Council”) is a non-profit association incorporated in Toronto on June 3, 1999. The members of the Council are major international mining companies and the world’s leading gold mining companies active, or intending to be active, in the Russian market; junior mining companies; engineering companies; legal and accounting advisers; equipment suppliers and service companies; foreign diplomatic and trade representations and associations. The mandate of the Council is to represent industry positions to the Russian Government. The mission of the Council is to work with the Government of the Russian Federation to create and maintain an investment climate in Russia that will attract foreign venture capital which is planning to make a sustainable business developing the country’s mining sector. The Council was created to speak on behalf of foreign investors to promote the dialogue with the Russian government needed to improve mutual understanding and facilitate the progress towards common objectives. The Council is the single united international voice for the mining industry in Russia. It is a large regularly meeting mining networking platform enabling free exchange and sharing news and views of the Russian mining sector. The Council has established broad and productive relationships with the bodies of executive and legislative power of the Russian Federation. The Council members participate in key events held by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra), Ministry of Economic Development, Foreign Investment Advisory Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, State Duma (Russian Parliament) Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations, State Duma Energy Committee, Federation Council Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

    The aims of the Council are:

    • Promotion and qualified advising on the development of Russian legislation for the mining industry;  Advancing the interests of the members in the legislative and executive bodies of the Russian Federation, co-ordinating appropriate presentation of the views and positions of members in different governing agencies in the Russian Federation;
    • Facilitation of international investment in mining projects in the Russian Federation including by providing information to potential investors on general investment situation in the mining sector and current and expected changes in the legislation relative to the mining sector;
    • Providing a forum for members to exchange practical experience with the objective of minimizing commercial, legal and investment risks in the Russian Federation;
    • Establishing links between Council members and Russian and international service providers specializing in the mining sector;
    • Co-ordinating the activities of the Council with Russian associations targeting similar objectives.

    The Council holds regular meetings on matters where its members have common interests. Representatives of Russia’s ministries and state agencies, Russian and foreign mining companies and gold mining companies, banks and investment funds, equipment and service suppliers, as well as business associations and public organizations, all take part in these meetings. The minutes of the meetings are sent to over 250 players in the mining sector in Russia and worldwide. To date, 62 Council meetings have been held which provided a forum for Russian and international speakers to present their business cases in the country’s mining sector. The need for networking was the driving force behind the original founding of the Council, and we have developed a sophisticated networking system since the Council’s inception. Today the Council communicates to its members through the dissemination of information by e-mail, regular general meetings, regular and informal Board meetings, as well as wine and cheese parties.

    All-Russian Scientific-research Institution of Mineral Resources after named N.M. Fedorovsky

    All-Russian Scientific-research Institution of Mineral Resources after named N.M. Fedorovsky is head enterprise of Federal Agency for subsoil use “Rosnedra” in information-analytical and experimental-methodical supply of geological subsurface’s study and reproduce of the solid mineral resources including realization of the state monitoring of the condition of the bowels.
    Subject of activity consist of the execution of experimental-methodical and geological exploration works, performance of fundamental and applied scientific studies in the field of ore geology.
    Address: 119017, Moscow, Staromonetny per., 31
    Tel. (495) 950-30-17, Fax (495) 951-50-43,
    Director: Doctor of Sciences (Geology and Mineralogy) Mashkovtsev Grigory Anatolyevich

    Union of Gold Producers of Russia

    Union of Gold Producers of Russia (UGPR) – is a non-commercial organization which was founded in 1995. Among the members of the Union – companies producing precious metals and precious stones, refineries, commercial banks and engineering companies. Union of Gold Producers of Russia includes few biggest Russian gold mining companies, which annually produce about 70% of gold in Russia. The main purpose of UGPR is coordination of efforts of UGPR’s members to prepare and realize concrete actions for developing gold mining and precious metals industry in Russia, as well as lobbing interests of UGPR’s members in governmental institutions of Russian Federation. Union Initiatives on improving the legal framework of the market of precious metals and subsoil legislation are actively represented in the State Duma (parliament), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce of Russia and other state institutions. UGPR is actively defending the interests of members of the Union concerning subsoil use at the parliamentary hearings in the State Duma (parliament) and during the meetings with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. Many years, the Union of Gold Producers of Russia collects and analyzes inaccessible statistical data specialized in the production and consumption of gold, silver, platinum group metals and diamonds in Russia, which Is reflected in the annual reviews of the Union, and sending it to the relevant ministries and departments of the country. The Union also prepares and publishes quarterly reports on mining and production of gold in Russia, which include real-time data of refined gold by domestic gold mining enterprises and the Russian regions. One of the most important task of UGPR at the present stage is the attraction of long-term investments and reliable investors into Russian gold mining industry. UGPR is traditionally partnered with the Russian banking community and actively attracts new investors to the industry from investment banks, private equity funds and private investors. UGPR is working on attraction to the industry of new financial instruments (such as gold loans, etc.) and on the creation in Russia of a specialized stock exchange for small and mid-cap and so-called junior companies conducting advanced exploration works. The Union attracts to the Russian gold mining industry investors from China and other countries from South-east Asia, contributing to the dynamic growth of partnership relations between our countries. In light of the increased cooperation between China and Russia, the Union of Gold Producers has taken steps to establish relations with Chinese partners, including big commercial banks, investment companies, exchange platforms and gold mining companies.