Making Every Ore Blast More Profitable

Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) helps resources companies significantly increase ore yield and minimize dilution through a unique solution that accurately measures 3-dimensional blast movement.

Increase Ore Recovery—Increase Profit per Blast

Controlling ore loss and dilution is critical for most mining operations. Getting it wrong can result in millions of dollars per year of lost revenue. Case studies show that if ore movement during a blast is not accounted for, up to 25% of a mine’s total recoverable product could end up as waste.

Using the BMT solution, customers will “Know More” on how to maximise mineral resource recovery, hence they will “Get More” revenue from their ore deposits. In fact, the BMM System has become the standard for ore control in some of the world’s largest mining companies. Most companies achieve a positive return on investment in 2 – 3 blasts.