EnProTech Ltd is a guarantor of sustainability of mining companies’ laboratories and technical inspection departments. On a day-to-day basis solving a number of essential tasks in terms of equipment fitting and setting, methodology of doing experiments and analysis, counselling in adjusting technological settings and engineering when establishing new business units, we significantly contribute to bringing our customers’ performance indicators up to the level no lower than desired.

Our engineering staff consists of the leading specialized universities’ graduates who are capable of looking for perspective and rational solutions to improving profitability and quality of your production due to their personal experience in working with the supplied equipment, knowledge of our customers’ working process and mechanisms from inside, desire to achieve results and to increase personal professional development.

EnProTech Ltd specializes in full supply for fire assay laboratories of gold mining enterprises and represents the interests of the leading global manufacturers on the Russian market:

  • Ore Research & Exploration (Australia) – is a leading producer of certified reference materials (OREAS) for the mining, exploration and analytical industries. It has extensive experience in the preparation and certification of a diverse range of geological reference materials of economic importance, including ores of gold, silver, platinum group elements, copper, nickel and others.
  • LAARMANN Group B.V. (Netherlands) – sampling, sample preparation and testing equipment including crushers, mills, sieving machines, flotation machines, dividers and Bond Index testers;
  • Morgan Advanced Materials (Furnace industries) (Australia) – fusion, cupellation, ashing calcining and roasting furnaces and high-quality assayware;
  • Microtrac (USA) – innovative, reliable, and repeatable particle analysis including particle size measurements, zeta potential analysis, 3-D image analysis, molecular weight and dust characterization.

Having own production based on enterprise in India EnProTech supplies Magnesia Cupels and Bullion Blocks that are made from unique blend of DBM and fluxing agent.  The quality of production corresponds to the world standards and is widely used in fire assay laboratories of Russian ventures.

Close cooperation with transport companies and availability of the most demanded products in stock in different parts of the country such as Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Vladivostok ensure continuous work for our customers anywhere in Russia and CIS.

Having chosen EnProTech Ltd you can be sure in individual and flexible approach, great professionalism at each stage of cooperation and quality of the supplied production.

EnProTech Ltd, Saint-Petersburg

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e-mail: info@enprotech.ru

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