GeoSolutions (GS) is an independent mining and geological service company, which is not affiliated with other mining companies, financial institutions and other industry players. The ultimate beneficiaries of GeoSolutions are individuals who represent the management of the Company.

Whereas one of the most notable and, as a rule, underestimated industry risks is geological, we designated ourselves to establish on the Russian market a company that will handle the matters related to provision of high quality services related to professional integrated geological assessment of mining deposits and professional support of field works.

GeoSolutions has established and has been developing 5 key business directions:

•  Prospecting – Competent support to prospecting and exploration;
•  Reserves Estimation – Reserves estimation for the fields of any complexity;
•  Pre-feasibility study – Choosing the best case scenario for a project;
•  Audit of companies – Audit of mining and processing companies;
•  Consulting – Corporate consulting in subsoil use.

The Company has successfully completed 38 projects for two and a half years, including assessment of reserves of ore deposits, development of feasibility studies, preparation of geological exploration projects and geological support of field works.

More than 45 specialists with extensive qualifying experience are employed at the registered office of the Company in Moscow, and up to 90 specialists are constantly operating at the customers’ facilities. The management and key members of the team have real experience in handling geological exploration works, deposit assessment, economic evaluation of mining entities, organization and management of mining entities.

Some of the regular customers of GeoSolutions are the largest industry players: Polymetal, Highland Gold, Nordgold, Gold of Kamchatka, Mangazeya Gold, etc.

More detailed description of our services, team work experience and completed projects is available on our website