“Institute of Geotechnologies” (IGT) was established in 2003 to provide consulting and maintenance services in prospecting, exploration and appraisal for mineral resource deposit development. “Insti-tute of Geotechnologies” is a private independent company and a research resident in the scientific Park of Moscow state University M.V.Lomonosov.
“IGT-Service” was founded with the purposes of providing services, related to field and in-office geo-logical support to prospecting, appraisal and exploration work at solid commercial mineral deposits. The company is resident in the scientific Park of Moscow state University M.V.Lomonosov.

• Management of projects, related to set-up and performance of prospecting and appraisal ac-tivities for key mineral resources;
• Engineering and geological support to field activities for solid commercial minerals;
• Intelligent geological supervision;
• Set-up and performance of prospecting, appraisal and exploration work, geological and tech-nological audit in projects, related to surveying and exploration of solid commercial minerals;
• Design and all types of field hydrogeological surveys;
• Geotechnical and environmental research.
Special features – a broad spectrum of capacities for appraisal and project activities and consulting services for exploration of solid commercial minerals, raw hydrocarbons and geotechnology.

Experts of OOO “Institute of Geotechnologies” have worked for major mining, oil and consulting companies – BHP Billiton, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Highland Gold Mining Ltd, Sibneft and others; taught at MSU and MGRI Departments of Geology. Our specialists were primary develop-ers of reports for state expert review, successfully performed for the State Committee for Reserves. Our experts worked for JSC “Gazpromshelf”, JSC “Lukoil”, JSC “Polyus Gold”, CJSC “Mnogovershin-noye”, JSC “Vysochayshy”, Northgold, Taukent LTD and others.

Our team members have extensive practical experience in geological and economic appraisal, pro-specting, appraisal and exploration work for various mineral resources across the globe. Geography of IGT key projects over years includes assets in Russia, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Tur-key, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Canada, Burundi, Australia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Mauritania, Angola and Albania.

Our strengths derive from our skills and experience, knowledge and successful application of best global exploration practices, accumulated in close cooperation with leading global mining, consulting and engineering companies.
Our experts have been decorated with honorary awards “Deposit Discoverer” and “Exploration Ex-pert», have numerous research publications. Our team has candidates of geological and mineralogi-cal sciences, experts of the State Committee for Reserves, competent specialists in line with interna-tional reporting code requirements.
Russian and foreign experts have many a time complimented our high level of management and quality of exploration, meeting Western standards.
Our experts take part in geological and economic appraisal of projects at various development phas-es – from greenfield to scoping studies and Pre-Feasibility Study. We set up and successfully manage field work in harshest climate and logistics situations in the Extreme North.

“Institute of Geotechnologies” Group of Companies is a research and production platform for many corporations. Our partnerships with many Russian and Western industry companies enable short-notice engagement of highly experienced field experts for subsoil use-related tasks.
IGT Group’s most significant partners are: Lomonosov MSU Department of Geology, CSA Global Pty (Australia), BEICIP-FRANLAB (part of IFP group of companies- French Oil Institute), OOO “Severo-Zapad”, Geologix Group, DekoGeo Group of Companies, OOO “Lomonosov MSU seismic data analysis center”, OOO “Geokhimpoisk SV”, Lomonosov MSU Higher School of Innovative Business, OOO “GE-OLAB” and other companies, providing comprehensive services in surveying, exploration and produc-tion of mineral resources, geotechnology and environmental protection. Cooperation with specialized companies and opportunities to engage experts from any field enables putting together highly skilled expert teams and provide high-quality solutions.

We invest in human intelligence and innovation. Thanks to cooperation with Russian scientific and foreign consulting companies, we are constantly improving the knowledge of our specialists and cus-tomer specialists, providing access to the most advanced practices in the field of exploration.

The basic principles of our work: said-done, and we do not compete for the price – we compete for quality. Because the quality of work performed and the final successful result for the customer is the goal of our work. In our work, we effectively apply innovative methods in the study of Geology of ore deposits.

The algorithm “FACTS-ANALYSIS-SYNTHESIS-INTERPRETATION-RESULT” allows us to successfully pro-vide a comprehensive application of scientific approaches and applied skills in solving the most com-plex problems of prospecting and exploration of ore deposits.

High qualification and experience of our specialists allows to perform qualitatively and in due time the set tasks at any stage of implementation of projects at carrying out prospecting works both in Russia, and abroad.

Phone/Fax: +7(495)930.85.54/+7(495)930.80.58
Address: “MSU Science Park”, bldg. 77, Leninskiye Gori Str. 1, Moscow, 119234, Russia
E-mail: info@igeotech.ru