Radio Engineering

Radio Engineering LLC is one of the leading Russian companies specialised in the development, production and implementation of modern professional radio communications equipment.

The company provides equipment and services to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service of Russia, Rosgvardia and the Ministry of Defence. Constant improvement of the radio communication equipment, high reliability and new technological solutions determine the success of our company.

The continuous development and production of communication equipment  allows us to offer a wide range of equipment – from noise-cancelling, protected digital radio stations, repeaters and control devices, to chargers, headsets and other accessories.

High professionalism and extensive experience of our engineers allows us to conduct high-tech development of state of the art radio communication complexes.

In recent years, the company has successfully completed several projects for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

All developments are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Russian standards and European telecommunications regulations.

A full cycle of production of radio communication complexes – from design to serial production, implementation and warranty service is carried out exclusively on our secure premises.